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The WHY That Made My Life

A person should have aspirations and objectives. These give you a sense of direction and fulfillment as you advance in life. I have heard this ever since I was a child, and I have wondered then just as I am asking now: but what if they don’t? Aspiring to different things, whether they are possessions.

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How to Plan a Great Year

Planning is for sure the word of the month. Every start of the year makes us set goals, draft deadlines and dream a little.

Besides being a very good incentive to buy notebooks, planning is also a stage that helps our brain prepare and distribute its resources. In order for this stage to have the desired impact, a few criteria need to be met when making a plan, especially one that involves an organization.

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My story

For years now I’ve been reading stories about people that had a sudden and extreme change of career. They would go from corporate to agriculture, from employee to entrepreneur, from safe to uncertain. And I always thought that was brave but surely premeditated. I was convinced they all had a plan and some financial resources.