Enjoy Your Subscription Gift

Free Content + Strategic Planning = ♥️

Make posting on Facebook fun, easy and more efficient with this inspirational worksheet. The color-coded calendar will make you love your Social Content Strategy and save time from thinking what else you should write about today.  

So in one document you will receive:

Free insight for 25 posts

And many more you can build based on the inspiration-format and on the calendar structure.

A content strategy

That suits every page and alternates post types to create engagement and results.

Planning Clarity

Next to an overview on what you will communicate in your following month.

Why you will love this Facebook Calendar

  • It's color coded and very easy to use & follow
  • Each of the 25 posts are actually an inspiration-format that you can reuse
  • It is also a planning template
  • Comes with tips for a clean Social Media Strategy
  • Keeps your relation with your audience warm and interactive
facebook posts calendar template

How to make the most of your calendar template

Define your Tone of Voice

Your brand's voice in Social Media should be an extension of your overall communication strategy. So in order to have a good and natural approach you need to define your brand to the point you personify it. Basically, you need to tell what kind of person your brand would be, and how would that person interact in a social context?

Know Your Audience

Once you define your tone, you need to know who you are talking to in order to also adapt the message. Is your audience formed of students or parents? Is your audience relaxed or more formal? Is your audience the buyer or the consumer of the product?

Track Your Progress

Build a report format where you add your monthly results. After 180 some numbers you will no longer be able to export from Facebook but will be useful to have. Make sure that in this report you track both organic (engagement, reach, impressions, likes) as well as paid results.

Be Constant & Consistent

Being active in Social Media is important, but it's essential that you start at a pace you find natural in order to keep a good pace. So post twice a week, if that's something you can do over a longer period instead of once per day and get stuck in two weeks. Also, it's good to keep your North and not have too many different messages in your timeline.


People react to people, or in certain cases humanity. No matter if your brand is a personal or company one, it should feel like a person and be able to transmit emotions the same way. So don't build a sophisticated, artificial, inflexible brand. Create one that has opinions, values, reactions and sometimes flaws.