Roxana Tudor and Alina Tabusca Interview

Inspired by an Inspirational Interview

These last days the universe has hit the acceleration. Everything around me is in moving, changing or…happening so I can’t do anything else but stay on that wave.

I want to share, from this great period, a video interview with Roxana Tudor, The Coach Approach founder. If you don’t know her yet, Roxana is a life coach for amazing moms, full of energy, passion, and smiles.

I loved the out of the box space to do the interview and how much nature contributed to the content. And as the title says, this interview, part of Roxana’s Inspirational Interviews, got me all worked up. When we ended, I would’ve loved to set up camp and start coaching in the park for a while. With no camp or at least desk to set up, I went back to work and did it old school. Well…semi-old-school.

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