to make it happen

What are you looking for?

If you had a magic wand that would change something from your current business situation, what would it be?

Channel insights

Choosing the right marketing channels will influence your results, as well as your budget efficiency. The right channels depend on you product type, your buyer persona, your business phase and your objectives.

Better results

You already have a process in place, and you want to improve business performance? First step is to optimize and consolidate to ensure a solid base and only after scale to a bigger structure.

Faster decisions

You need to make fast and powerful decisions every day. But how do you know they are correct? Set clear objectives, guarded by simple but relevant KPIs, and take time to check them constantly.

Marketing coaching as

Growth Activator

And how will you as an entrepreneur and your business benefit from coaching sessions?

Once upon a time, marketing was considered an expendable service. Then, once removed, big gaps started showing. In fact, when online shopping started to become a trend, many companies had already transformed from a sales driven to a marketing driven one. 

And it is not just the companies that had to change, as marketing itself has adapted to the speed, specificity and competition that is now present and rising on almost every market. 

Currently digital marketing channels release new features every year and strategies evolve and integrate new technologies. As bots and AI are taking over some of the process load, we are facing the challenge of adapting to the new customer needs. And one of these needs is warm, human, easy to relate to support. 

Marketing coaching is the sum of these characteristics, with a higher purpose of providing valuable input that helps entrepreneurs and businesses grow.

C4M Services

The core "service" is listening. Based on that there are three main directions to follow with: marketing coaching, marketing consulting or marketing training.