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Marketing Consulting

Stay fast on your feet and get information before you make decisions. This is what marketing consulting helps most with, besides shared know how and growth in key indicators. 


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Most of the time, when you want to see what is going well, what needs improvement and what is missing entirely from your company, team or process you might consider an external consultant. The reason is that I am not influenced by internal hierarchy, historical or other factors, as well as I am not distracted by other internal fires that need to be put off. 

My sole focus is finding solutions, opportunities and resources, then guide you to them. If this sounds good, let’s talk.

The starting price for consulting is 100 €/h, and the final offer will be built based on the needs you define in our initial meeting.

A Marketing Strategy is more than a smart plan or a good analyze. It should be based on a very good understanding of a client’s needs and context, of hid goals and resources. 

Marketing Strategy includes a few more specific subsections like:

  • Branding Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Marketing Planning
  • Scaling Strategy
  • Pivoting Strategy

Maybe what you need is not advise on how to continue, but a second opinion on what you are doing. And that is great, because this particular feedback might just offer you a foundation to grow and improve.

Marketing Audit options:

  • Advertising channel assessment (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads) 
  • Tracking and reporting analysis
  •  Social Media audits
  • Email Marketing content assessment
  • Marketing full company process assessment

This is a service type where your most valued input is insight and guidance.

Marketing Strategy and Marketing Audits are oriented more on receiving certain materials based on which you later implement your actions. Marketing Advising is however a type of collaboration where you can access specialized advice on a matter that you need to work on at a certain moment. 

The main benefit is that this allows you to get that second opinion on your marketing or business decisions through a longer term partnership.

50% OFF for Marketing Advising

Throughout challenging and everchanging times informed decisions are key. To support fellow entrepreneurs, during the pandemic, the marketing advising sessions start with a 50% discount.

New Fee = 50 €/h.

*This offer applies to new clients only, and it can cover a maximum of 10 hours/ client.