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Digital marketing is a very dynamic and competitive field. In order to navigate it, you need to continuously stay up to date, but more than anything, you need to keep on learning. 

Who is your brand? Before you make it famous, it’s best you get to know it very well and build a personality that is as detailed as it would be for a person. This will confer your brand a natural and fluid feeling, no matter who communicated o behalf of the brand. It will also help offer autonomy, which will make it keep it’s value if you choose to transfer it’s ownership. 

Discover how to:

  • Use brand archetypes
  • Define your USP and other differentiation points
  • Build a purpose – vision – value structure to scale from
  • Create key messages that include your selling points
  • Define targeting and build buyer personas
  • Align identity, target and channels for best results

Once you get traction, the learning process is not just about how to start. You now how to know how to best serve your customers, in order to turn them into brand ambassadors and loyal buyers. 

Discover how to:

  • Go beyond your overview
  • Mine for more detailed targeting information
  • Trace on site behaviors
  • Identify your gold mines and your vulnerabilities in terms of content or products
  • Optimize your e-commerce business indicators
  • Track advertising campaign performance and improve where it makes the biggest difference

When you take a step back to look at the bigger picture you will notice that when you refer to content for your business, there is so much more than blogs or presentations. Connect your emailing campaigns, your social media plans, your website publishing and any other channel in one cohesive plan for your business. Then implementation will not just be easier, without briefs for every little part, but it will be integrative and aligned. 

Discover how to:

  • Define relevant content objectives
  • Evaluate your current content performance
  • Plan for the right channels, base don your budget and objectives
  • Create a master planner, that will make it easy to later define channel variations
  • Build social media plans that are stress free
  • Think a multiple touch points strategy to increase customer conversion and/ or retention

I know making a boost seems to be the way, but Facebook Ads has way more to offer. It is a social channel with good emotional purchase results, and a must have to increase trust for any brand. Plus, you can learn using it fast and see the results in just a few days or weeks. 

Discover how to:

  • Setup your Facebook Ads account
  • Setup your pixel and test to see if well implemented
  • Set campaigns with different objectives – awareness, engagement, traffic or conversions. 
  • Create saved and custom audiences
  • Create reports on your existing campaigns
  • Optimize and replicate your best practice

Posting a job offer in a dedicated website is not bringing the right candidates to you? Then it’s time you set your own digital recruitment process, to make sure you reach the right people and that your HR department has a constant flux of candidates. 

Discover how to:

  • Build a cohesive digital recruitment plan 
  • Create a job description that triggers application and builds trust
  • Work your employer branding to ease active recruitment and increase passive recruitment
  • Include recruitment in your Social Media plan
  • Pick the right channels and messages for each audience
  • Facebook Ads, Google Ads or LinkedIn Ads? 
  • How to recruit with small budgets and how to make the most of your existing resources
  • Ambassador recruitment – let your team members speak for your brand


For many companies, the internal client is more valuable than the external clients, because they provide the possibility to generate income outside one partnership. For this reason getting the right talent to come and stick around is not as easy as it may sound, even when you have the best intentions. But one you get the process implemented, productivity rises in a snow ball effect, easing the recruitment process at the same time. 

Discover how to:

  • Learn the differences and similarities between a commercial and an employer brand
  • Map employer brand values that are relevant for your development, not for your current state
  • Define recognition processes withing the company
  • Create communication procedures to spread the good news even faster
  • Adopt a thank you policy towards your talent 
  • Align teams around your company’s Purpose, not your Revenue or SLAs
  • Define internal satisfaction KPIs and use internal feedback to develop


When you are in charge or a company, a team or a project the impact you have on that particular structure can be very high. But how you structure you messages might make it highly positive or highly negative.

Discover how to:

  • Evaluate team motivators
  • Develop processes that allow individuals to grow as well, not just deliver more, faster, better.
  • Get your team involved in achieving objectives
  • Recognize talent – bring “thank you” in your organizational culture

A life in the day of a business is a lot about spotting solutions and making the most of all existing resources. But what if these solutions and resources depend on your perspective on things?

Discover how to:

  • Switch perspective and use a different hat to solve your issue than you have when you spot it
  • Brainstorm on solutions and search for alternatives outside the norm
  • Encourage creativity and cast blame away
  • Add openness and communication efficiency withing teams processes
  • Rephrase in order to re-frame

Whether you are the image of a company, a partner facing stakeholder or in search of more public visibility, finding the best way to put though your messages and values is truly valuable,

Discover how to:

  • Get comfortable with speaking in front of an audience
  • Use and read verbal, nonverbal and metalanguage
  • Learn simple speech structures to keep you safe even with a tough audience
  • Learn to factor your audience in, when building a speech 
  • Use emotional vs rational bridging 
  • Increase your persuasiveness by addressing the topics in an assertive manner

An organization is as strong as the people who are part of it. It’s easy to keep the balance with small teams, but in a corporation you need to design you teams structure with careful consideration not just for the process they work on, but also for the other teams they interact with. Team dynamics will directly impact the team performance, therefore, keep a close eye on how you distribute, communicate and reinforce roles. 

Discover how to:

  • Asses native roles for each team member
  • Identify aspirations and development objectives for your colleagues
  • Evaluate needed and existing roles within the team
  • Involve your teams in objective oriented processes, not action oriented ones
  • Foster open communication and ban personal attacks

As a heritage of the industrial era, companies are organized around processes and procedures. The transition from “do more” to “do better” is not an easy one, since there is a constant temptation to focus on getting things done, rather than nurturing what may seem a more time consuming process.

Discover how to:

  • Best develop people and a process
  • Bring your team on-board in managing the process
  • Foster an open and constructive work environment
  • Facilitate feedback from and within the team
  • Identify and develop core competencies
  • Run effective and inspiring meetings

Training 4Offline

When you hop off all the digital channels, there is still a lot to do in a company to drive performance, efficiency and satisfaction. 

Choose a custom training

Every company has its qualities and its challenges. Trainings are a good way to work on both, as well as other forms of learning and development. If you want to have the maximum result, withing the minimum of time, choose a custom plan, where your teams will train for skills or needs that are directly relevant for your organization and current development status. 

We can build this training together and the first step to get there is to contact me.