Romanian Human Flag During Protests

To My Dear Romanians

Today we celebrate. Be it with a post, a thought or a walk to see the marches, today we make a little time to honor our heritage. On this day we are remembered that we are not simple inhabitants of this geographic space. After all, the place we populate shapes us as much as we shape it.

I looked a lot for a picture that talks about my country and my people. One that is relevant, actual, and depicts the most beautiful side of our nation. And none seemed to be more appropriate that this amazing human flag, during the protests last year. It was in Victoria Square that I regained my national pride, surrounded by solidarity, common sense, intelligence, humor, and power. Peaceful but constant, these protests prooved WE CAN STAND TOGETHER.

I saw in that square children empowered and impressed, couples holding hands and holding their ground for justice, progress and fair play. I saw at least three generations agreeing on how their country should look…will look.

It is to those Romanians that fight for what they think it’s right that I want to thank. Even if your way to protest is by refusing to raise your shoulders or stay indifferent, you are the Romanian I am proud to be sharing my country with. You might not hit the headlines, but now I know you are there, in thousands if not millions. And I have hope that one day that is what the majority will look like.

To you, my dear Romanians, I want to wish a proud 1st of December.

Foto credentials: Wall Street Journal

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