I am your marketing partner and coach


I am glad to have you here. I have a lot to share with you and I would love to hear about your business, your goals and your story.

Spot Opportunities

Marketing is most importantly a way of thinking. Through coaching you will develop your resourcefulness and a growth hacking mindset. Let's start exploring!

Extend your vision

Think big and pay attention to the little steps that can take you to your objectives. You are one step away from a global market, and I am here to help you open that window of opportunity.

Grow your company

Create. Consolidate. Grow. Then create some more. Healthy development is the key to a long organizational life. I support your growth through know how and accessible solutions.

Insightful Coaching

Grow your essential marketing skills through easy to grasp marketing coaching sessions. I will offer you support in setting clear objectives, building an action plan and acquiring a strategic mindset that will all together bring you the results you aim to. Besides, I will dedicate all my experience so far to making an impact in your business path.


Creative Solutions

Marketing is a field of permanent change, but one thing stays constant: creativity. During the coaching sessions we will go through branding strategies, channel planning, KPI setup and assessment. And most importantly, we will work together on aligning marketing with the other processes withing the organization. 

My Purpose

My biggest passion is to support people in their development, and marketing is an amazing instrument to do that. It can channel resources, ideas and global knowledge into your goals and wishes 

Marketing Coaching


Congratulations for starting your company! It takes courage and I salute that. The next step is to organize the pile of decisions you will need to make in your early phase, and I am here to help. Let's work through your marketing together.

marketing coaching


Managing your own company involves more than process design and control. It requires vision & visibility. My experience as a manager has proven that these are both vital components, that require trust from your internal and external clients.

Marketing Coaching


Personal branding is a process of self discovery and self appreciation. The key is to design and communicate an impacting brand, based on your core values. Together, we will work through this step by step.

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